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Website Design

Website Design

How long does it take to build a website?2023-02-24T00:35:31+00:00

Most websites fall between the timeline of 1 – 6 months. We know, a big gap… No website is the same. Whether it’s size, complexity or simplicity each project will vary in development time. Larger projects can take longer and will vary depending on multiple variables such as;

  • how many pages the websites is.
  • the type of elements the website uses.
  • how many apps need to be integrated.
  • how many products are to be added.
  • how much search engine optimization goes into your website.
  • how many custom features you want your website to have.
  • applications you want to automate on your website.
  • and more…
What does a custom website cost?2023-03-02T17:46:37+00:00

Custom website design packages start at $2,700. Contact Webmavens today to get a free website design quote for your upcoming project.

Included in custom website projects.

  • Custom web design specific to your business.
  • Responsive website layout with a mobile first design so your website looks good across all devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones).
  • Custom, interactive elements to make your website stand out from the competition.
  • Customized web forms for contact, bookings, request for quote, warranty registration, job inquiry’s and more.
  • Weekly teams meetings to keep your project on track.
  • Built in search engine optimization to help boost your Google search rankings.

Contact Webmavens today to get your free quote.

What industry’s do you work with?2023-03-18T11:16:52+00:00

Webmavens works with companies in almost every industry. From outdoor companies to beauty salons and hotels our eye for design can be seen throughout a number of industries such as; Hunting Guides, Fishing Guides, Gun Manufacturers, Gun Parts Manufacturers, Hotels, Beauty Salons, Medical Clinics, Food, Fire & Security, Hunting Gear, Products, Fishing Gear, Nonprofits and more.

What types of websites can you build?2023-02-28T23:27:48+00:00

Webmavens specializes in custom WordPress and ecommerce websites built with SaaS platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, Wix.

What is the Webmavens Guarantee?2023-02-28T23:14:57+00:00

At Webmavens, we guarantee our work and make sure you are satisfied with your project results.

Website Management

Website Management

Is there a lot of upkeep with a website?2023-02-28T23:20:52+00:00

Yes and no. At Webmavens, we build websites that require little software maintenance required to stay up to date with the latest in web security. However, some websites with more complex designs and features typically require more maintenance.

What are website management services?2023-03-16T16:50:39+00:00

Webmavens website management services include everything from broken link checks, image optimization, competitive oversight, to website page updates, software updates, virus and malware defense, and more.

WordPress sites are extremely susceptible to security and hacking issues with over 60 plugin and application vulnerabilities exploited every week. Our website maintenance packages ensure that your website and its applications are healthy and keep your business online at all times.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

How do I get started with SEO?2023-02-28T23:22:57+00:00

To get started with your SEO marketing campaign, fill out the details on the form found here.

Does Pay-Per-Click affect SEO?2023-03-18T20:22:35+00:00

Directly no, Pay-Per-Click ads do not boost your SEO. However, good traffic from a quality PPC ad campaign can help raise overall traffic and reduce bounce rates which do have a positive impact on your websites SEO.

How do you select keywords for my website?2023-02-28T23:18:16+00:00

Webmavens has an extensive list of keyword research tools that help find keywords that generate traffic, offer the best ROI and are related to your business. We present you with the data that we accumulate and consult with you about which ones to target and why. You can change the keywords you want to track at any time.

How much does SEO and content marketing cost?2023-03-18T20:25:23+00:00

SEO marketing packages at Webmavens start at $400 a month and go up from there based on what your business and website needs are. Ask us about our local, Grand Junction, Colorado SEO packages.

What is a Google My Business connection?2023-02-28T23:17:39+00:00

This Google My Business connection makes sure your business address and website are properly linked to your Google My Business page to give your full authority with Google.

What’s the purpose of having a website blog?2023-03-04T13:30:31+00:00

Blogs help to grow your site and enhance your online visibility. Web pages are assigned a value, and the higher this value is, the more likely Google, BING, DuckDuckGo and other search engines are to show your page at the top of the organic search results. To obtain this, your website needs to produce content that other authoritative websites want to share with their readers. Well written, informative blogs get shared, which generate backlinks, which boosts your domains authority raising your SERP.

Determined by multiple factors, page authority is generally based on how many backlinks a page can generate and how many of those backlinks are quality ones that come from other authoritative websites. While the saying “you get out what you put in” can apply to everything in life, it safe to say that it definitely applies to copywriting for article writing and SEO.

Authoritative websites don’t want to share an article that is a rip off of something else that’s already been written. They want to share content that is original, informative and something that their readers will obtain value from. After all, if they keep sending their customers and website readers to mediocre articles they may end up losing them.

Avoid backlinks to your blog articles from…

  • Websites that generate a lot of spam.
  • And, websites with a low domain authority.

A lot of people dread writing blogs, let alone good ones because they take time (over 1,000 words, and that’s small) or money. This leaves you with a few options.

  1. You can find a copywriting service to do it for you where you may or may not get someone writing it who knows your industry.
  2. Write the articles yourself or in-house. Technically speaking, there is no one who should your industry as well as you and your employees do…
  3. Find a copywriting service that specializes in your industry. While more difficult to find and often times more expensive, this option tends to be your best bet to obtain the quality you need to get content shared online.

So, why are blogs important for your website? To help bolster your online presence and domains authority. Once you achieve this high level, your posts, pages and products will rank at the top much faster than you could have ever expected “as if everything you touch, or write in this case turns to gold”.

If you have any questions about writing blogs for your website, shoot us an email to see how we can help boost your domain authority and bolster your online presence.

How long does it take to get a website on page 1?2023-02-28T23:17:10+00:00

This is a pretty loaded question. A lot of this will have to do with how competitive your market is. We have seen brand new website with page 1 rankings in under 6 months. Again, this is based on a multiple factors.

Why does my website need SEO optimization?2023-02-28T23:14:00+00:00

If you don’t have search engine optimization, your website will have to rely on social media, paid ads and other forms of advertising to obtain traffic. With more ads and map searches taking precedence over organic SEO, it’s now more important than ever to rank at the top.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Does Webmavens offer hosting services?2023-03-04T16:29:57+00:00

Yes. Webmavens offers hosting services and packages to our website design, marketing and website management clients only. Our website hosting packages include the latest software, constant updates, SSL certificates, security patches, PHP and uptime (99.9%).

What’s included in hosting?2023-02-28T23:22:03+00:00

Website hosting is FREE, maintenance isn’t. Hosting maintenance includes; Automated Offsite Backups, SSL Certificate for Security, Server Updates/Maintenance.

We own our own server and control the server environment. You will be on a server with other Webmavens clients only.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business Management

Does Webmavens manage our GMB profile?2023-02-28T23:22:11+00:00

Yes. We can optimize and maintain your Google My Business listing. Webmavens will make sure that your business profile remains towards the top of map listings. Publishing relative content on a regular basis, while also keeping up with customer inquiries and reviews is a must.

Is Google My Business important?2023-03-04T01:36:40+00:00

Yes! Optimizing your GMB profile is imperative for local search engine results. Since PPC ads are served first, followed by GMB map listings, then… organic search results its more important than ever.

Reasons why Google My Business is important for your business.

  • Customers need to know where to go for your business services or to buy your products.
  • It’s the only way to collect Google reviews. According to BrightLocal, 87% of consumers search Google reviews before making a final decision.
  • GMB listings improve your local SEO optimization.
  • Google reviews help build social proof. It is hard to fake Google reviews which is why so many people trust them when researching a company.

Google Review Tip: We mentioned reviews a couple times above. That’s because of their importance to your online reputation. Whether it’s a good or bad review, Google likes to see responses to your customer reviews online.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

What is tech stack consulting?2023-02-28T23:22:35+00:00

Stop paying for subscriptions you are no longer using. Know what is in your tech stack to make your business both run smoother and be more cost efficient.

Website Automation Services

Website Automation Services

What types of applications can Webmavens automate?2023-02-28T23:22:43+00:00

Just about every application you use in your business daily. QuickBooks, Shopify, Mailchimp, Bigcommerce, WordPress, Woocommerce, Instagram, Facebook, CRM Software, ZOHO, Active Campaign, Typeform, Excel, Google Docs, custom website forms we create, Omnisend, HubSpot, Meta, Slack, Stripe, PayPal, YouTube, Microsoft products and more.

General & Company

General & Company

Do you offer payment plans for websites?2023-02-28T23:20:42+00:00

Yes. We require a deposit of 50% to start your project. Upon completion and launch of your new website, the remaining balance is to be paid within 3 – 6 monthly payments.

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