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Serving Texomaland (northeast Texas, southeast Oklahoma), the entire U.s., and an occasional international client such as a 5-star Bulgarian villa since 2002.

The Webmavens is an independent website development company that actually began a few years before Google. Website development calls for a variety of skills: copywriting, graphic design, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and site promotion through social media, direct email marketing, and business directories, to name a few. We have built websites of all sizes for dozens of different types of businesses. If we were to admit a business specialty, that would be hotels, resorts, and travel related, accounting for about 30% of our clients. However, our biggest client (of 22 years) is a large online craft supplier with over 10,000 products and hundreds of informational pages and articles we have written for them in to attract searches and inbound linking which is so hard to come by. Most of our clients are small service businesses like dog breeders, excavation companies, moving companies, pest control services, and many more.

While we have local clients, most of our clients are simply everywhere else in the U.S. As owner of The Webmavens, I believe that one of our greatest strengths is that I am a businessperson who does website development. We are not computer geeks who learned how to use WordPress, create some graphics, and simply target a market opportunity. We quite literally write most of the content you will see on any of our client sites (and that was long before AI).

We are informal, handshake kind of folks. Give us a call and let’s talk about your web needs today!

See how we combine technology, creative thinking, brand awareness, and marketing strategies to create effective websites that build businesses. Our team of creatives and strategists specialize in converting visitors into customers by bringing your brand to life through digital, social, and mobile experiences.

E: david@thewebmavens.com
P: +1 903.327.5969